1300DRIVER in the News with Sydney Morning Herald

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Thanks to National Heavy Haulage for featuring 1300 DRIVER in their news.

As the story says “Not only are truckies 11 times more likely to die at work, they are twice as likely to smoke, about 80 per cent are overweight or obese, about 26 per cent abuse alcohol, 54 per cent have poor diets, and 30 per cent are at higher risk of heart attack, diabetes and gastro-intestinal illnesses.”

1300 DRIVER can’t solve all the problems in the transport industry, but we can provide relief from the personal pressures of working in the industry.

You don’t have to go it alone, 1300 DRIVER is hear to answer questions and provide support.  Ask a question, find answers, get help, 1300 DRIVER is 24/7 for drivers and their families.

If you have a truckie in your life and you’re worried about them, you are welcome to give 1300 DRIVER a call too.

Sydney Morning Herald